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Balaji Tutorial is renowned for offering impeccable solutions for tutorial problems of students studying in 11th standard, 12th standard and B. Com examinations. The solutions are meted in the forms of classes, mock tests etc. !

Our faculty make use of some of the most advanced and interactive teaching methods to ensure that the students grasp the concepts of the subject. Each student is carefully observed to determine their weak areas and then given extra classes to ensure that they get the grasp of the subject. The faculty teaches in the most gentle manner and practices an ethical behaviour.

Click Here -- Paper 7. Sol. Part - 1

Click Here -- Paper 7. Sol. Part - 2




It gives us immense satisfaction to set up an appropriate test schedule to determine the extent to which the students have grasped the syllabus and gained knowledge. The test schedule is designed keeping in mind the difficulty of the subject. The tests are kept in such a way that the students get ample time for revision.

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